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What are the benefits of Window Frosting?

At PrintDsign we have been selling and installing frosted window film (etching) for several years. in all that time is hasn’t changed much, but thats because it does really need to. we only use frosted window films from the worlds top manufacturers , so the quality is guaranteed and each install we carry out looks great and has excellent longevity thanks to the extra strong adhesives in the frosted window film.

There are several reasons why you should consider allowing PrintDsign Manchester to install frosted window film to the windows of your business premises. here are just a few good reasons:


Our frosted window films are opaque, so they cannot be seen though clearly. this is great for adding additional privacy to the windows in a certain room. At PrintDsign we also have the ability to cut the frosted window film (window etching) on our vinyl cutters, so we can shape the frosted window film to suit a specific design and also just add it to sections of the window. so the frosted window film can be used on the lower half of the windows to add privacy but the top of the windows can be left clear, so visibility is still possible.

Although visibility through the frosted window film isn’t possible it still allows significant light to transfer through, so unlike what happens if you add a window graphic to the windows, the light from outside of the windows can still makes its way through the window. this means you get that extra layer of privacy but without compromising natural light.

Using our frosted window film to add privacy to your office windows can great boost security as valuable items will no longer be visible from outside of your office, making them much less likely to be taken.


Although available in gold, red, green and blue our window frosting film is most often used in its silver form. our silver window etching gives a classy look when added to office spaces and restaurant windows. it is clean and modern and helps to raise up the overall look of an office once it has been installed.


At PrintDsign Manchester we have the ability to cut the frosted window film on our vinyl cutting machines, this allows us to not only shape the frosted window film but also cut out letters and turn it from a blank panel into a piece of artwork for advertising your business. all while still offering an additional layer of privacy and looking good.


Custom Van Wrap for Revolution Speedway @ProRaceTeam

Here we have a custom printed and matte laminated van wrap for Revolution Speedway. This van is used as a promotional vehicle for its sponsors at race events. take a look at just a few of the sponsors who have been included on this custom van wrap.


















van wrap advertising

advertising van wraps

van wrap by digital revolution

printed van wrap for speedway revolution

fleet van wrapping

van wraps uk

fleet van wraps

van wrapping in manchester

van wrapping

cusotm van wrap

van wrapping manchester

promo van wrap for speedway revolution



van wrapping manchester

burnt tree van wraps

cheshire van wraps

van wrappers machester



Office Wall Graphics in Manchester for Harrington Brooks

Wall graphics are great for adding a little bit of personalisation to a home but they can work even better in commercial environments. Here we have a recent install of printed wall graphics at an office space in Manchester.

Using the companies existing logo and branding artwork from printed documents we have created a couple of feature walls to brighten up the modern office space. Not only do the wall graphics add more colour to the white walls but they help to boost the companies profile with both visitors and internal staff.  For visitors to the office, wall graphics add presence to the office space and create a form of personalisation that makes a real impact. For the staff in the office the wall graphics can also have an impact on them, by adding the companies branding to the office walls the company looks more engaging and the office feels more like a creative place to work, not just some office, like any other one across the UK.


To create these wall graphics we arranged a meeting with the client, measured up the walls and discussed their ideas about what they wanted. after this we created visuals of the wall graphics using Photoshop and super-imposed the companies branding onto images of the blank walls. once agreed we printed up the wall graphics on self adhesive vinyls and applied them to the office walls. these wall graphics have an outdoor life of 5 years, so internally the should last much longer.  Once the wall graphics have come to the end of their life they can simply be peeled of the office walls.


wall graphics

wall graphics manchester

wall wraps

wall decals

wall graphics cheshire

wall graphics cheshire

manchester wall wraps

manchester wall graphics

cheshire wall graphics

wall graphics

Blue Chrome Maserati Wrap by PrintDsign Manchester, UK

Chrome Smart Car Wrap by PrintDsign Manchester, UK.

Shutter Wrapping in Manchester

DS3 roof wraps

Completely change the colour of your Citroen DS3s roof with a DS3 roof wrap.

From the Citroen factory the Citroen DS3 is available with a coloured roof that gives the owner a way to quickly customise their car, the biggest issue with this is that the Citroen DS3 has become one of the most popular small cars in the UK so personalisation effect the the limited choice of roof colours gives has been greatly diluted. Our DS3 roof wraps can solve this issue by offering a huge range of vehicle wrap colours and finishes that can be used to wrap the roof, spoiler, wing mirrors and whole can in a colour of your choosing. The DS3 has be designed to have a contrast/complimentary coloured roof, you can go through our wrap colour ranges and pick out the best colour suitable for your car and your personality.


At Digital Revolution we supply and fit a high quality roof wraps on daily basis and can offer this service to our Local Citroen Dealer (Citroen Sale). Through Citroen dealerships we can wrap the roof of your DS3 in a colour of your choice before it even gets delivered to you. The roof wrap process takes less than a day so we can collect the DS3 from your Citroen Dealer, wrap the roof and return it very quickly and limit the amount of time you have to wait for your new car.


The vehicle vinyl wrap colour ranges we use include hundreds of colours and dozens of different finishes. Allowing you to create a DS3 completely bespoke to your tastes, whether you want a matte black roof, a glittery pink one or even want to try out our leather look vehicle wrap vinyls on your Ds3 roof wrap.

We use vehicle wrap vinyl from the top manufactures in the industry including Arlon, 3M, Avery & Hexis. This allows us to give a 3 year guarantee on all our DS2 roof wraps. The DS3 roof wraps are also full removable so when it time to sell your DS3 you can easily peel off the roof wrap without damaging the paintwork underneath. The paintwork underneath eh roof wrap will also be in the same condition it was before ehte wrap was applied.

If You Don’t Like It? Change It!

If you would prefer to have a more subtle coloured DS3 without a contrast coloured roof we can offer our DS3 roof wrapping service to closely match the paint colour of your can and wrap the roof in a similar colour. This can give you a Citroen DS3 that has one colour overall and no longer has a contrasting roof.


Go Big On Bespoke!

Should our vehicle wrap colour range not be enough to satisfy your need for a one off Citroen DS3 we can also offer a printed vehicle wrap. With  printed roof wrap we can include photos, text, logos and custom patterns in your DS3 roof wrap. There is no better way to make your DS3 stand out from the crowd.


The Package

We can just wrap the roof of your DS3 or you can select one of our roof wrap packages, with the DS3 we can wrap the roof, spoiler and wing mirrors to give your DS3 a factory finished look in your personalised colour choice.


Red Velvet Edition Smart Car

Red Velvet Edition Smart Car

Velvet vehicle wraps by PrintDsign in Manchester.

Over 15 colours available.

Contact us or visit our website to get more information.

Also check out our window tinting services available in Manchester via Manchester Tints.

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