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Smart car graphics and smart car wraps on the new Smart Car ForTwo & ForFour

With the new smart ForTwo and smart ForFour the opportunity to advertise on them still continues, ever since the original smart car was introduced they have been perfect for being used as advertising cars. With a good set of graphics/decals or a full wrap the smart car can be transformed into a mobile billboard. Many companies will lease a brand new smart car for around £100 per month and give it to member of staff to use as a pool car. Once it is wrapped those members of staff are advertising the company wherever they drive 24/7.

At PrintDsign for the last 5+ years we have been adding vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps to smart cars, now the new shape smart cars have been released in the UK, we are continuing with our popular smart car wraps. The size of the new shape car is similar and it still has nice flat slab sides, so it is still perfect for wrapping and being used as a great piece of mobile advertising for companies in Manchester and Cheshire.


smart car advertising in manchester

smart car wraps manchester


Smart Car Graphics in Manchester

The Mercedes-Benz Smart car is a great vehicle to use as a platform for your advertising, so much so we have 2 of our own. We are currently Mercedes Smart Manchester’s choice for their promotional vehicles so you know we can be trusted to produce work of the highest quality that is as eye-catching as possible.

From simple door graphics to promote a short term offer for your business, to completely covering the car in a vehicle wrap to transform your smart car into a long term promotional vehicle, we can do it all.

If you would just like to give your smart car that personal touch & advertising is less important we can create and apply great custom graphics to your smart to make it special.

Smart car advertising in Manchester

We have been doing a hell of a lot of smart car graphics over the last few weeks, thanks in no small part to us now being the approved vehicle livery specialists for Mercedes Smart Manchester. Our smart car graphics are a great way to advertise a business or promotion to an estimate 30,000 people per day (in a major town or city) without the high costs usually associated with advertising.

Dependent on the design they can take just a few hours to produce and can be removed or changed for an different offer a moments notice.

See for more details as well as a growing number of examples of our work.

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