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Why do you need a Letterhead?

letterhead is a great way of subtly advertising your company and its details. having your companies contact details easily accessible can result in you getting the sale.

Speed is king in many areas of business, so if a new client has to go looking for your contact details they may end up not bothering and just going with a different company.

In addition to making your contact details more easily accessible the letterheads we produce at PrintDsign or a of a very high quality, so it makes  great impression on clients. match this with the design services we offer at PrintDsign Manchester and you can end up with a high quality letterhead or compliment slip that has a classy design that will give greater brand identity to your company any and help you get more business through subtly advertising.


Why invest in premium quality business cards? 

Why don’t I just get my new business cards from the advert on TV for £5? 

if you are starting up a new business then money can be tight, so it really should be invested in the areas that matter. although a set of £5 business cards will help you to leave your contact details with a client easily, they will also do your new  company a disservice.

£5 business cards do seem a great deal but they are a low print quality, generic design (that your clint may have seen on someone else card before) and low card thickness, this means that you are leaving your details with a new client on a low quality card that they are less likely to want to keep on them.

alternatively you can come to PrintDsign Manchester, spend a little more but be rewarded with a set of bespoke business cards that are designed just for you (we don’t use design templates), are of a high print quality and heavy card thickness. Overall giving your business cards a higher end look and feel that will make your new clients much more likely to want to keep you card on their person.

PrintDsign are based in Manchester but can offer our stationery printing services throughout the UK. We are of course also interested in local businesses (as we offer a huge range of advertising, display and design services as well) so if you are based in Altrincham, Hale, Bowdon, Dunham, Stretford, Sale, Timperley or any of the surrounding areas please get in touch to talk to us about your business stationery needs.

You can get us via email at or on the phone at 0161 641 8374

Double sided Flyers or single? – little price difference with twice the advertising space

it really is down to how much info you want to advertise but at PrintDsign Manchester the price difference between our single sided flyer and our double sided flyers is very small. and if you go for a double sided flyer print you effectively get twice the advertising space on each flyer.

short term event flyers are after discarded one they are read, so duplicating your flyer design, and adding it to the reverse of your printed flyers will give the added bonus of the discarded flyers still advertising if they are left on the floor.

however if you are looking to use the flyers for business promotion and may need to give directions or information to your clients, a single sided flyer can become very useful. having the back of your flyers blank can give a great space to write additional and bespoke information for your customer, expanding your one-to-one dealing with each client and giving them a personal service.

Great flyer prices with FREE UK delivery

At PrinDsign we offer a complete range of printed stationery items including letterheads, business cards, compliment slips, folders and booklets, but some of our best prices are available for printed flyers.

our flyer range consists of printed flyers and leaflets in the following sizes:

We can also offer fully folded options for most paper sizes. So if you are after an A5 size flyer folded to A6 size we can help. If you are after a 6 panel DL size (folded A4) we can design them, print the and delivery them.


As an extra bonus we offer FREE DELIVERY ON ALL BUSINESS CARDS AND FLYERS to the UK. So you can order from us and receive your new business cards, flyers or letterheads within 3 working days with zero delivery charge.

Simply enquire via email on or call us today on 0161 641 8374.

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