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Colourful and innovative DS3 roof wraps help to personalise your Citreon DS3

A great way of personalising a funky little car, our DS3 roof wraps are available in a massive array of colours and finishes. Pretty much any colour is available and we have finishes including gloss, metallic, matte, satin, carbon fibre, pearlescent. We can even offer our DS3 roof wraps with specialist finishes like leather and alligator skin. Just imagine your Citreon DS3 with an alligator skin roof and matching alligator skin wing mirrors!!!

We offer specialist DS3 wrapping packages to match up your new roof colour with your wing mirrors. We have been offering our DS3 roof wrapping packages for over 5 years now, working with many Citreon dealers across the North West,

ds3 roof wrapping

manchester ds3 roof wraps

and Cheshire.


Printed folder finishes available at PrintDsign Manchester

At PrintDsign we like to offer a complete range of printed stationery items, this means that we not only offer a large selection of flyer, businesses cards, printed folders and business stationery, but we also take into account the variety of finishes available on these stationery items.

Here is a mini guide to the main print finishes we offer at PrintDsign for our printed folders.


our gloss folders are great for giving your folder an eye catching finish that will make your brand stand out from the crowd.


our printed matte folders are the default option we usually go to for our customers. the matte finish helps to lower reflections, so any information on the folder is easier to read and overall the design on the print folder should be visible with more clarity.


silk finish is the standard finish for our printed folders at PrintDsign in Manchester.

the silk finish is the available for the lowest cost but that doesn’t mean they are cheap. our silk finish folders have a great overall look and offer the bonus of being a writable surface. So you have the ability to customise each folder to each client and write specific notes in it for them.

Spot UV & Digital Embossing

spot uv & digital embossing can be added to the printed folders we offer at PrintDsign Manchester. spot UV can add a gloss finish to sections of a matte finished folder. these gloss sections can help to transform the overall look of the folders are make them extra noticeable.

digital embossing is a form of spot UV that is significantly more accurate, so with digital embossing we can add gloss finished sections to individual text and intricate areas of the folder design. the beauty of digital embossing is that it can also vary in depth, so we can add high lift and low lift version to give even more depth to your printed folder design.

Business card finishes, what is best? …….gloss?….matte?…..velvet?… uv?

how do you want your business to be perceived? that is the easiest way to decide what finish to have on your business card.

if your work is in the manual labour sector (builder, plasterer, plumber, etc) then a silk finish business card is best for you. it gives you the ability to write on it if needed and gives a own to earth feel when handed to a client.

if you are selling products from a shop then a gloss business card could be the best fit for you. the shiny finish gives a classy look and gloss finish business cards are getting rarer , so having PrintDsign make up a set of gloss business cards can make you more memorable to customers.

matte business cards are coming the norm now. the matte finish makes them easy to read and make whatever design is on them clearer. matte business cards to suitable for all businesses and this is one of the most popular business card style that we sell at PrintDsign.

velvet finish business cards to a relatively new product to printdsign but offer that extra wow factor that matte card had before they became so popular. the velvet finish of these business cards makes them very tactile and results in a lot of clients wanting to keep hold of them for longer.

our velvet business cards are best suited for companies who sell higher priced items and business services. interior designers, performance car dealers, fashion boutiques, etc

at PrintDsign we also sell plastic business cards. these are some of the most expensive business cards available but they offer the maximum in quality and longevity. clients will rarely throw away a plastic business card because it feels  so expensive.

at PrintDsign Manchester we offer full colour plastic business cards that can include all colours. and we also offer transparent plastic business cards that offer a big wow factor to clients.

spot UV should also come into consideration when ordering a set of business cards. if the design you have chosen for your business cards could do with a little more fizz we can add a spot UV service to put al layer of gloss finish on top of sections of your design. when paired with a matte finish business card a section of spot UV can totally transform the overall look of your business card.

in addition to spot UV printing services we also have foiling available for some of our business cards. foiling allows us at printdsign manchester to add shiny silver or gold to sections of your business card design to give it that little something special that will raise it up above the business cards.

Double sided Flyers or single? – little price difference with twice the advertising space

it really is down to how much info you want to advertise but at PrintDsign Manchester the price difference between our single sided flyer and our double sided flyers is very small. and if you go for a double sided flyer print you effectively get twice the advertising space on each flyer.

short term event flyers are after discarded one they are read, so duplicating your flyer design, and adding it to the reverse of your printed flyers will give the added bonus of the discarded flyers still advertising if they are left on the floor.

however if you are looking to use the flyers for business promotion and may need to give directions or information to your clients, a single sided flyer can become very useful. having the back of your flyers blank can give a great space to write additional and bespoke information for your customer, expanding your one-to-one dealing with each client and giving them a personal service.

Custom Van Wrap for Revolution Speedway @ProRaceTeam

Here we have a custom printed and matte laminated van wrap for Revolution Speedway. This van is used as a promotional vehicle for its sponsors at race events. take a look at just a few of the sponsors who have been included on this custom van wrap.


















van wrap advertising

advertising van wraps

van wrap by digital revolution

printed van wrap for speedway revolution

fleet van wrapping

van wraps uk

fleet van wraps

van wrapping in manchester

van wrapping

cusotm van wrap

van wrapping manchester

promo van wrap for speedway revolution



van wrapping manchester

burnt tree van wraps

cheshire van wraps

van wrappers machester



New signage at local vintage wedding dress shop (The Case of the Curious Bride)

The Case of the Curious Bride were after a new sign to replace their old PVC banner sign. We created a bespoke sign design that fitted in with the companies quirky style with a unusual mixture of vintage and circus aesthetics.

Sign is made from dibond composite with a printed vinyl applied to the face.


vintage wedding dresses manchester

Bespoke shop sign for local bridal wear shop in Sale.

manchester bridal wear

vintage bridal wear in manchester

vintage wedding dresses manchester

cheshire bridal wear

vintage bride

manchester vintage dresses

quirky weddings

quirky wedding dresses

vintage bridal wear

vintage wedding dresses manchester

sign for vintage wedding dress shop

shop sign for local wedding dress shop

1940s wedding dresses

exclusive wedding dresses

vintage bridal wear cheshire

bespoke sign for vintager wedding dress shop

wedding dresses in manchester

curious bride sign

manchester vintager bridal wear

vintager wedding dresses manchester


Sign manufacture and installation by Digital Revolution.

Window Graphics Website

We have just launched a new website to showcase our window graphics and window tinting products. All window graphics shown are available with installation throughout Manchester and Cheshire.


Take a look at

Window Frosting / Window Block Outs in Manchester and Cheshire

PrintDsign offers complete window block out service using frosted window vinyl films.

are you due to put on an event that is private?

is your open plan glass fronted building limiting your ability to keep your party private?

why not allow us to frost out your windows to block out exterior visibly into your building. if you are having a private party or secret event blocking out your windows is a  must.

the big advantage of our frosted block out window vinyls is that the frosted finish limits visibility through the glass but does not limit light transfer from the outside. So even though the windows are blocked out , natural light can still enter the building.

we can usually install with just a weeks notice and can also undertake the removal once the event has finished.

for bars and restaurants our window frosting service can allow you to offer a bespoke private party to cater for high end clients who request these types of things. We have installed window frosting block outs on several Manchester restaurants for special events such as private parties for football clubs and international blue chip companies.

for car dealerships our window block out service allows you to limit visibility into your showroom for a set period of time to assist with bringing exclusive vehicles into the showroom, or hosting private invite only events that you don’t want the general public to view.

in the past we have installed window block out frosting/etching for luxury car dealerships across Manchester and Cheshire.

our expert installation team can install the frosted window block out vinyl within a few hours, leaving a high quality fit and finish every time. our frosted window block out vinyls can be removed almost as quickly as they can be installed, with no signs left behind, returning the windows to their original state.

having a window frosting block out installed by Digital Revolution is a very extreme way to limit visibility into retail space however there are several ways to install the window frosting vinyls to allow parts to be removed. Allowing sections of the window frosting block outs to be installed gives you the option to leave sections of the window clear, so that if the event is over a few days/nights you can still have some visibility into the windows the the time between the events. Our installation team can install the bulk of the etching window vinyl before the first event, remove the section of frosted window vinyl between the events and reinstall the frosted window etching film before et next event.

as a general rule our frosted window films are silver however we do have the ability to install other types of frosted window vinyls that are available in other colours including gold, red, blue, green and yellow. If there isn’t a colour in our frosted window etching vinyl range then we can also print directly to the frosted window film. this gives us the ability to custom print the frosted window films to match your company colours or be completed branded for your envoy. we are not only limited to printing block colours with our frosted window films, we can also print logo, images, text and pretty much anything you want on there. if you event is scheduled to take place for more than a few days it may be best to brand up your frosted window block out to stop it from giving the impression that your building is closed.


cheshire frosted windows

frosted window vinyls


Office Wall Graphics in Manchester for Harrington Brooks

Wall graphics are great for adding a little bit of personalisation to a home but they can work even better in commercial environments. Here we have a recent install of printed wall graphics at an office space in Manchester.

Using the companies existing logo and branding artwork from printed documents we have created a couple of feature walls to brighten up the modern office space. Not only do the wall graphics add more colour to the white walls but they help to boost the companies profile with both visitors and internal staff.  For visitors to the office, wall graphics add presence to the office space and create a form of personalisation that makes a real impact. For the staff in the office the wall graphics can also have an impact on them, by adding the companies branding to the office walls the company looks more engaging and the office feels more like a creative place to work, not just some office, like any other one across the UK.


To create these wall graphics we arranged a meeting with the client, measured up the walls and discussed their ideas about what they wanted. after this we created visuals of the wall graphics using Photoshop and super-imposed the companies branding onto images of the blank walls. once agreed we printed up the wall graphics on self adhesive vinyls and applied them to the office walls. these wall graphics have an outdoor life of 5 years, so internally the should last much longer.  Once the wall graphics have come to the end of their life they can simply be peeled of the office walls.


wall graphics

wall graphics manchester

wall wraps

wall decals

wall graphics cheshire

wall graphics cheshire

manchester wall wraps

manchester wall graphics

cheshire wall graphics

wall graphics

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