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Colourful and innovative DS3 roof wraps help to personalise your Citreon DS3

A great way of personalising a funky little car, our DS3 roof wraps are available in a massive array of colours and finishes. Pretty much any colour is available and we have finishes including gloss, metallic, matte, satin, carbon fibre, pearlescent. We can even offer our DS3 roof wraps with specialist finishes like leather and alligator skin. Just imagine your Citreon DS3 with an alligator skin roof and matching alligator skin wing mirrors!!!

We offer specialist DS3 wrapping packages to match up your new roof colour with your wing mirrors. We have been offering our DS3 roof wrapping packages for over 5 years now, working with many Citreon dealers across the North West,

ds3 roof wrapping

manchester ds3 roof wraps

and Cheshire.


Car wrap prices

Our pricing structure for our vehicle wraps is now live on several pages of our website.

Whether you are after a matt black wrap for your Audi A3, a rocket red for your Bentley Continental or a full carbon fibre (Di-Noc) wrap for your Ferrari our pricing breakdown should give you a pretty good idea of what it will cost.

We have also included additional information regarding vehicle wrapping as well as a few discounts we have available.

Please visit the link at the bottom of this post so open the pdf.

We shall also post a copy of it here (if I can figure out how).

Company Vehicle Wraps

Here is a link to our Facebook pages vehicle graphics & wraps section. Here you can view several recent graphic projects as well as our most recent work on rejuvenating out company vehicles in a new colour scheme. A van, a smart car and a BMW 3 series all wrapped in matt orange vehicle wrap vinyl and carbon fibre effect wrap vinyl.

We will soon be adding extra images of all wrapped vehicles in better conditions and also our eye catching graphics will soon be added to the van.

We are here.

At PrintDsign we are dedicated to bringing you the best solutions for your print & design needs. Whether you’re after something a little different for your home or are looking to get your business noticed we can provide several interesting and innovative answers.

Have a browse through our website and experience the broad range of products we have on offer. We have something for everyone so please get in touch to discuss any of our range or services.


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