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Custom Van Wrap for Revolution Speedway @ProRaceTeam

Here we have a custom printed and matte laminated van wrap for Revolution Speedway. This van is used as a promotional vehicle for its sponsors at race events. take a look at just a few of the sponsors who have been included on this custom van wrap.


















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Van Graphics in Manchester

Your vehicle can become an incredibly useful tool in getting you new and repeat business. Customers can judge the quality of the services you provide on the image you promote. Having your vehicle branding unified, eye-catching and memorable can promote your businesses quality as well as being a great piece of general advertising.

Need to advertise your company or just want to get your brand a bit more noticed? Why not implement the wasted space on your vehicle? Allow us to add your logo, company name and contact details to your van, car or truck. Adding vehicle graphics to your companies van (s) can be a great alternative to using an A board or other types of pavement signage as the costs can be similar and your van / commercial vehicle will be advertising your business wherever you drive or park.

You never know who you’re driving past or parking near, having your contact details presented well on your vehicle can get you business when you least expect it

Give your vehicle a personalized touch by adding some vinyl graphics to it. We can offer simple template graphics such as viper stripes and manufacturer decals. Or we can add custom designed vinyl shapes and text to give your vehicle that true one-off look without spending a fortune.

At PrintDsign our huge range of vinyls means we can offer almost any colour as cut shapes and text as well as printed products. We can also add graphics in a variety of finishes including matte, gloss, chrome, pearlescent, metallic, carbon fibre, leather and many more.

We can supply the graphics ready-to-fit or you can book your vehicle in and our trained fitters will precisely add the graphics for you.

The materials we use are specifically designed for the job and include convex should you require extra durable graphics for your bike or quad.

If you have a driving school and are looking for additional promotion or want to expand into a multi-vehicle school we can help create a noticeable and memorable brand to unify your cars and business.

Van Graphics in Manchester

Vehicle graphics designed, supplied and fitted by printdsign Manchester. A slideshow of just a selection of vehicle graphics we have created over the last few months for companies in manchester.

Company Vehicle Wraps

Here is a link to our Facebook pages vehicle graphics & wraps section. Here you can view several recent graphic projects as well as our most recent work on rejuvenating out company vehicles in a new colour scheme. A van, a smart car and a BMW 3 series all wrapped in matt orange vehicle wrap vinyl and carbon fibre effect wrap vinyl.

We will soon be adding extra images of all wrapped vehicles in better conditions and also our eye catching graphics will soon be added to the van.

We are here.

At PrintDsign¬†we are dedicated to bringing you the best solutions for your print & design needs. Whether you’re after something a little different for your home or are looking to get your business noticed we can provide several interesting and innovative answers.

Have a browse through our website and experience the broad range of products we have on offer. We have something for everyone so please get in touch to discuss any of our range or services.


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