What is the difference between flyer paper thicknesses? ……. 150gsm? 250gsm?

GSM…. what is gsm? whenever you order flyers or leaflets this is always a bit of printing jargon that confuses. GSM means grams per square metre, it references the thickness of the paper that is used in our flyers.

At PrintDsign we offer a variety of paper thickness for our flyers and leaflets.

our current range includes

as you would expect the thicker the flyer, the higher the price, but our flyers prices are very competitive at prindsign, so the increases in cost per flyer is very minimal if you go up a paper thickness n your flyer order.

At PrintDsign we know design and printing very well so are always happy to give our 2 cents on what paper thickness works best for your needs.

for example if you need flyers for a short term event and are just effectively flyering then we would recommend 150gsm flyer for maybe something even lighter in paperweight. our 150gsm flyers are of great quality but due to the thickness (thinness) of the material they can be a little see through when printed double sided and as they are our cheapest flyer option, they do look it when compared to the rest of our printed flyer range.

if you are looking to create a folded flyer menu we would recommend going for a 150gsm or 250gsm paperweight. this thickness of flyer will fold well and becomes handy to put into a handbag or post through a letterbox. Going for a thicker flyer for a menu is just likely to make the flyer too rigid and harder for the user to keep once you have given it to them.

out 350gsm and 450gsm flyers are best for advertising a new company or launching a product. the extra thickness of the 350gsm flyer and 450gsm flyers over the 250gsm flyers mens that they are much more noticeable if they are posted (they make a noise when dropped through  letterbox) and if places in a magazine or newspaper the added thickness and rigidity makes the flyers appear more substantial. for example if the 450gsm flyer are placed inside a magazine they will be the first flyers to be be removed as the magazine will be hard to read with the flyers inserted.

the 450gsm flyers we offer at PrintDsign in Manchester are of a great quality and are great for promoting a new company or brand. the added thickness and high print quality creates a high end feeling flyer that customers will want to keep hold of.


About PrintDsign

At PrintDsign we are dedicated to bringing you the best solutions for your print and needs. Whether you're after something a little different for your home or are looking to get your business noticed we can provide several interesting and innovative answers. Have a browse through our website and experience the broad range of products we have on offer. We have something for everyone so please get in touch to discuss any of our range or services. We are always on the lookout for new talent, so if you are a designer, fitter or technician and believe you can bring something to our company please get in touch.

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