Business card finishes, what is best? …….gloss?….matte?…..velvet?… uv?

how do you want your business to be perceived? that is the easiest way to decide what finish to have on your business card.

if your work is in the manual labour sector (builder, plasterer, plumber, etc) then a silk finish business card is best for you. it gives you the ability to write on it if needed and gives a own to earth feel when handed to a client.

if you are selling products from a shop then a gloss business card could be the best fit for you. the shiny finish gives a classy look and gloss finish business cards are getting rarer , so having PrintDsign make up a set of gloss business cards can make you more memorable to customers.

matte business cards are coming the norm now. the matte finish makes them easy to read and make whatever design is on them clearer. matte business cards to suitable for all businesses and this is one of the most popular business card style that we sell at PrintDsign.

velvet finish business cards to a relatively new product to printdsign but offer that extra wow factor that matte card had before they became so popular. the velvet finish of these business cards makes them very tactile and results in a lot of clients wanting to keep hold of them for longer.

our velvet business cards are best suited for companies who sell higher priced items and business services. interior designers, performance car dealers, fashion boutiques, etc

at PrintDsign we also sell plastic business cards. these are some of the most expensive business cards available but they offer the maximum in quality and longevity. clients will rarely throw away a plastic business card because it feels  so expensive.

at PrintDsign Manchester we offer full colour plastic business cards that can include all colours. and we also offer transparent plastic business cards that offer a big wow factor to clients.

spot UV should also come into consideration when ordering a set of business cards. if the design you have chosen for your business cards could do with a little more fizz we can add a spot UV service to put al layer of gloss finish on top of sections of your design. when paired with a matte finish business card a section of spot UV can totally transform the overall look of your business card.

in addition to spot UV printing services we also have foiling available for some of our business cards. foiling allows us at printdsign manchester to add shiny silver or gold to sections of your business card design to give it that little something special that will raise it up above the business cards.


About PrintDsign

At PrintDsign we are dedicated to bringing you the best solutions for your print and needs. Whether you're after something a little different for your home or are looking to get your business noticed we can provide several interesting and innovative answers. Have a browse through our website and experience the broad range of products we have on offer. We have something for everyone so please get in touch to discuss any of our range or services. We are always on the lookout for new talent, so if you are a designer, fitter or technician and believe you can bring something to our company please get in touch.

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